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Blodtilførselen til vekstbrusken i glideleddene, med relevans for utviklingssykdommer og spatt

Status: Pågående
Projektnummer: H-16-47-192
Kategori: Research program | Horse
Ansökningsår: 2016
Datum för slutrapport: 30 juni 2020
Huvudsökande: Kristin Olstad
Organisation: Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet
Telefon: +4793231969
Medsökande: Magnus Lilledahl
Medsökande: Kerstin Hansson
Beviljade medel: 625 000 SEK

The current project has a basic science and a clinical relevance part. The main project aim is to describe the blood supply to the growth cartilage of the small tarsal bones in young Icelandic Horses. Similar studies of the blood supply to long bones that ossify from three separate centers have yielded entirely new information confirming that osteochondrosis, which can lead to fragments in joints (osteochondrosis dissecans) is the result of focal failure of this blood supply. It is not known whether the blood supply to the small tarsal bones, which ossify from a single center, is organized in the same way. The relationship between blood supply and wedge-shaped bones that cause sickle hocks will be investigated. The relationship between blood supply and developmental, heritably predisposed joint inflammation/osteoarthritis or spavin, which is common in Icelandic horses, will be examined. This will yield valuable information that potentially is relevant to osteoarthritis in general.

Prosjektet det søkes om har en grunnforskningsdel og en klinisk relevansdel. Hovedmål for prosjektet er å beskrive blodtilførselen til vekstbrusken i de små haseknoklene hos unge Islandshester. Lignende studier av blodtilførselen til de lange knoklene som forbeines fra tre sentre har gitt et fullstendig nytt svar på at osteochondrose, som kan gi løse biter i ledd (osteochondrosis dissecans) oppstår når en liten del av denne blodtilførselen svikter. Det er ikke kjent om
blodtilførselen til de små haseknoklene, som forbeines fra ett enkelt senter, er organisert på samme måte. I relevansdelen vil man undersøke forholdet mellom blodtilførselen og feilvokste, kileformede knokler som gir sigdhaser. Man vil også se på forholdet mellom blodtilførsel og utviklingsmessig, arvelig predisponert leddbetennelse/osteoarthritt eller spatt, som er svært vanlig hos Islandshest. Dette kan gi verdifull informasjon som potensielt også er relevant for leddbetennelse generelt.


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1647

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Rickard Ignell, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU

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Insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH) associated with Culicoides biting midges is the most common allergic skin disease in
horses, seriously reducing welfare of affected horses. The main symptom is severe pruritus, with risk of self-infected
open wounds. The choice for treatment and prevention of this …

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Halva ytan bearbetas - odlingssystem med radhackning, bandsådd, bandsprutning och mellangrödor
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We want to develop a high-yielding cropping systems where the need for tillage and herbicides is greatly reduced compared with current conventional farming systems. The cropping system include, cultivation with wide row spacing, strip sowing and band spraying, combined with the use of subsidiary …

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Blad som sporfällor för förbättrade prognostiseringsmetoder
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Knowledge of disease development in wheat is a prerequisite for good advice on economically and environmentally
adapted control strategies. This project is based on knowledge from a previous SLF project about molecular detection
and spore traps, which showed that the different spore traps catch …

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Finding key parameters for improved forage utilization and lowered methane emissions in dairy cows
Rebecca Danielsson

Projektnummer: O-16-23-762 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2016


The aim of this project is to investigate individual differences in the rate of passage of feed, feed efficiency, microbial flora and methane production in cows with different ability to consume large proportion of roughage.
Our previous studies show that methane production differs between cows …

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