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Lantbruks- och trädgårdsföretagarnas egen forskningsstiftelse finansierar behovsdriven forskning för svenska förhållanden.
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Produktionsplanering i växthus – optimering av ekonomi och energi

Status: Pågående
Projektnummer: H1156204
Kategori: Forskningsprogram | Trädgård
Ansökningsår: 2011
Huvudsökande: Bengt Håkansson
Organisation: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, SLU
Telefon: 040415080
Beviljade medel: 645 000 SEK


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1555

Växtnäringsbevattning med organiska N-gödselmedel i svensk äppelproduktion
Helene Larsson Jönsson, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: S-15-56-588 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2015

The aim of the project is to evaluate and develop the use of organic fertigation in Swedish apple production. The project will focus on yield, external (colour, firmness, appearance) and internal (concentration of sugar and organic acids) quality and fruit tolerance against fungal diseases during …

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Hållbart djurfoder med alger och musslor
Catherine Legrand

Projektnummer: O-15-20-559 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2015


The vision is to reduce imported soybean and develop a sustainable and locally produced animal feed from marine substrate such as microalgae and blue mussels for the poultry industry. Algae have a good potential to be a feed ingredient due to high protein, essential dietary amino acids and oil …

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Ny teknik för grobarhetsbedömning av spannmål
Thomas Börjesson

Projektnummer: O-15-20-576 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2015


In this project we intend to study different methods to objectively monitor the germination of seeds. In the project we will both study cereal seeds and malting barley. The methods that we intend to compare are isothermal calorimetry and two image analysis systems. One of the systems is well …

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Runs of homozygosity brukt på fjordhestpopulasjonene i Norge og Sverige
Nils Ivar Dolvik, NMBU-Norges Miljø- og Biovitenskaplige universitet

Projektnummer: H-14-47-015 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2014

The project will establish a model for calculation of relationship within and between various Fjord Horse populations (by use of nose swabs to collect DNA), as basis for calculation of future international breeding values by use of BLUP. The establishment of the model is founded on utilizing data …

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Rörflen till komposittillämpningar
Peter Mannberg,

Projektnummer: O-15-22-345 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2015

Energi & biomassa

The project goal is to demonstrate the technical feasibility for a production chain for composite applications based or reed canary grass. New business opportunities for agriculture will be evaluated and promoted. The project will use red canary grass as a constituent in biobased composite …

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Småskalig uppgradering av biogas och utvinning av koncentrerat kvävegödselmedel
Gustav Rogstrand,

Projektnummer: O-15-22-361 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2015

Energi & biomassa

This project is intended to demonstrate a cost effective concept for small-scale production and utilization of biomethane as vehicle fuel and extraction of concentrated ammonium nitrogen fertilizer. The system is composed of standard components that are commonly used in farm scale biogas …

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Utsädesbehandling med mineralnäring ökar uppkomst, tillväxt och skörd i höstvete och vårraps
Eva Stoltz,

Projektnummer: O-15-20-299 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2015


Mineral nutrients applied as seed dressing is an unexplored potential in Swedish crop production. Autumn and spring are often unfavorable for germination with cold and wet climate, especially in central Sweden. Under such climate conditions, seed dressing with mineral nutrients may improve …

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Hösilage"intolerans" hos häst?
Cecilia Müller, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: H-15-47-063 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2015

The purpose is to examine haylage 'intolerance' in horses, which is expressed as diarrhoeic faeces in some horses when they are fed haylage (sometimes also when fed hay). A typical appearance is two-phase faeces - one solid and one liquid. It is not known why or how this condition appears, and it …

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Ny ultraljudsmetod för utvärdering av knäleder hos nötkreatur fokuserat på tjurar av köttras
Kerstin Hansson, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: S-17-24-786 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2017

Normal joint function is important for animal welfare as it is a prerequisite for a mobile life without pain. Joint inflammation, often a sequel of osteochondrosis, commonly located in the stifle in beef bulls can have a substantial impact on the fertility of beef sires.
This pilot study aims to …

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Halksäkra golv förebygger skador hos nötkreatur; Minskar rillning halkrisken på betonggolv?
Christer Bergsten, SLU

Projektnummer: S-17-24-784 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2017

Slippery floors results in falls and injuries which can be fatal. Moreover, on dairy farms slippery floors impede oestrus behaviour and ease of heat detection and as result cause economical losses due to impaired fertility. Grooving is the most common way to treat concrete floors to reduce …

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