Stiftelsen lantbruksforskning

Lantbruks- och trädgårdsföretagarnas egen forskningsstiftelse finansierar behovsdriven forskning för svenska förhållanden.
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Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1644

Vad betyder "lean" för lantbruksföretagen?
Hans Andersson, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet - SLU

Projektnummer: H1346088 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 31 oktober 2019

The competitiveness of Swedish agriculture is discussed extensively in media. Lean is a managerial strategy that developed in post-war Japan. Studies of manufacturing and service companies show better capacity utilization, quality control and ability to follow price signals. The issue is if lean …

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Digitalt fjäderfästall för utvärdering och förbättring av stallklimat
Helene Oscarsson, Vreta Kluster AB

Projektnummer: R-18-62-990 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 31 oktober 2019

One of the biggest challenges for farmers in the poultry industry is to achieve and maintain a good climate in the stable. A non-functioning climatic environment adversely affects animal health and production as well as the work environment. Hence, there are many actors who work hard to try to …

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Kassationer vid slakt i svensk slaktkycklingproduktion - finns möjliga vägar till förbättringar?
Helena Wall, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: R-15-43-372 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 oktober 2019

Swedish meat-type chicken production is successful as regards maintaining a high production standard
with a very low use of antibiotics and an overall good health status. However, despite this, concerns are
raised among people in the sector regarding that condemnations at slaughter seem to be at …

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Förläng hållbarheten på mjölk och öka därmed lönsamheten
Maria Glantz

Projektnummer: O-15-20-546 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 24 oktober 2019


To increase the profitability of milk production, it is required that milk and dairy products can be stored for a long time. The shelf-life of milk is controlled by quality parameters, such as enzymatic changes in the milk. These impair the shelf-life by giving rise to taste, odor and product …

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Ny havre för livsmedelsindustrin
Olof Olsson,

Projektnummer: O-15-20-346 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 10 oktober 2019


The long-term goal is to develop oat with new and unique properties that can be used as whole grain or fractionated for use in the food industry. The focus here will be on the pre-breeding and early variety development stages. The final variety will be developed in collaboration with oat breeders. …

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Utsädesbehandling med mineralnäring ökar uppkomst, tillväxt och skörd i höstvete och vårraps
Eva Stoltz,

Projektnummer: O-15-20-299 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 augusti 2019


Mineral nutrients applied as seed dressing is an unexplored potential in Swedish crop production. Autumn and spring are often unfavorable for germination with cold and wet climate, especially in central Sweden. Under such climate conditions, seed dressing with mineral nutrients may improve …

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Benchmark för framgångsrik företagsledning i lantbruket - förstudie och metodutveckling
Ove Karlsson

Projektnummer: O-15-21-585 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 26 augusti 2019

Energi & biomassa

The aftermath goal of this project is to increase competitiveness of Swedish agriculture by developing a higher level of managerial knowledge and skillset. The project's initial targets is: 1) what can we learn from previous research? Make a list of similar surveys both national and international …

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Betydelsen av utfodringsrutinen av råmjölk för utveckling av bakteriefloran i magtarmkanalen och andningsvägarna hos nyfödda kalvar.
Kerstin Svennersten Sjaunja, SLU

Projektnummer: V1430021 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 13 augusti 2019

The basis for sustainable dairy production is set in the newborn heifer calf. Earlier research has demonstrated that weight gain and health during early life influence the adult calf's production capacity, partly an effect of nutrition. Probably the microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) …

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Hållbart djurfoder med alger och musslor
Catherine Legrand

Projektnummer: O-15-20-559 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 1 juli 2019


The vision is to reduce imported soybean and develop a sustainable and locally produced animal feed from marine substrate such as microalgae and blue mussels for the poultry industry. Algae have a good potential to be a feed ingredient due to high protein, essential dietary amino acids and oil …

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Odlingssystemens effekter på kolinlagring i jordbruksmark - kunskapsbank och modellering
Thomas Kätterer

Projektnummer: O-15-23-552 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 27 juni 2019

Energi & biomassa

We intend to build a user-friendly decision-tool for farmers with a web-based interface. The project focuses on concept development and integration of data concerning the effect of different cropping- and management systems on soil fertility and carbon sequestration from applied research in Swedish …

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