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Lantbruks- och trädgårdsföretagarnas egen forskningsstiftelse finansierar behovsdriven forskning för svenska förhållanden.
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Applicering av Trichoderma sp. och Beauveria bassiana med kalldimningsaggregat mot svartprickröta i gurka

Status: Pågående
Projektnummer: H0756514
Kategori: Research program | Horticulture
Ansökningsår: 2007
Huvudsökande: Anna-Mia Björkholm
Organisation: SLU
Telefon: 040-41 51 46
Beviljade medel: 314 000 SEK


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1712

Innovativ salixförädling för fossilfritt drivmedel
Pär Ingvarsson

Projektnummer: O-19-22-292 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

Energy and biomass

The conversion into a bio-based economy in Sweden requires a broad range of initiatives. One of the challenges is that additional sources of biomass will be needed. High yield potential, low conversion and production costs are critical success factors for new raw material. Salix is an energy crop …

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SamZoner 2.0 - Optimering av multifunktionella skyddszoner för ökad biologisk bekämpning och pollinering
Maria Viketoft

Projektnummer: O-19-23-298 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

Crop production

Adding flowers to the cropping system that support beneficial insects is a promising option to achieve crop protection
in Swedish agriculture and horticulture. However, the wide-spread adoption of this approach has been hampered by
limited economic benefit and the risk of propagating pests and …

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Brukningsmetoder för ökad markkvalité och högre skördestabilitet under extremväder
Thomas Keller

Projektnummer: O-19-23-309 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

Crop production

Climate projections for Sweden indicate higher temperatures during summer and larger variability in precipitation between years. This poses enormous challenges for Swedish agriculture. The main aim of this project is to investigate relationships between soil management, soil quality and crop yield. …

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Integrerad användning av genetisk resistens i Svensk matpotatisproduktion
Erik Andreasson, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: R-19-25-282 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

Potato cultivars that are resistant to late blight and at the same time having acceptable other traits, have started to emerge. However, little of this material is used in Sweden and no organized and comparative table potato trials are done. Biological products against skin-finish diseases are …

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Bete i ett norrländskt perspektiv
Margareta Emanuelson, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: R-20-62-325 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

This project is connected to an already funded grazing application from Norway intending to evaluate methane production from dairy cows in different grazing systems. We aim to evaluate further some important aspects of grazing in northern Sweden. We plan to use some sensory techniques to analyse …

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Marmorerad, mör och miljövänlig - jakten på det perfekta nötköttet
Mats Emilson, Agroväst Livsmedel AB

Projektnummer: R-20-62-327 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

More and more consumers desire a tasty meat where production have considered the environmental impact and animal welfare. The purpose of this interdisciplinary project is to determine how to produce such a product while still make the production profitable, climate efficient and otherwise …

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Förbättring av klimat i fjäderfästall - för bättre djurhälsa, produktion och mindre miljöpåverkan
Helene Oscarsson, Vreta Kluster AB

Projektnummer: R-20-62-328 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Achieving and maintaining a good stable climate with low ammonia levels is a major challenge for many poultry farmers. In addition to adversely affecting animal health, production and the working environment, high levels of ammonia in the stable can also lead to increased environmental impact. The …

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Förbättra rödklöver som proteinkälla för idisslare genom att optimera polyfenoloxidas initierad proteinkomplexbildning och smältbarhet av aminosyror
Sophie Julie Krizsan, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: R-22-33-641 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2022

Feeding protein supplements is advantageous because of a positive response in milk production. Rapeseed meal has given better production responses on a protein basis than soybean meal, but its supply is not sufficient to meet the requirements of dairy production. Red clover is one alternative to …

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FeNomen: Fertilitet hos nasjonale norske hesteraser.
Ingrid H Holmøy, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Veterinary Faculty

Projektnummer: R-21-47-575 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2021

Decreasing population sizes and risk of accumulation of inbreeding is a challenge for the national Norwegian horse breeds; the Dole, the Fjord and the Nordland/Lyngen. The average breed-specific reduction in covered mares is between 37% and 45%, when comparing the years 2000 to 2009 to the years …

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Implementering av hesteassisterte intervensjoner i Dialectic Behavioral Therapy.
Elisabeth Haug, Norges tekniske-naturvitenskaplige universitet (NTNU)

Projektnummer: R-21-47-573 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2021

Emotional instability, impulsivity, ongoing self-harm, frequent suicidal crises, interpersonal problems, substance use disorder, cognitive distortions, and severe internal pain are seen in patients with emotionally unstable personality traits. This is a patient group that requires lot of resources …

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