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Lantbruks- och trädgårdsföretagarnas egen forskningsstiftelse finansierar behovsdriven forskning för svenska förhållanden.
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Biologisk ogräsbekämpning mot mikroorganismer

Status: Avslutat
Projektnummer: 9933004
Kategori: Research program | Crop production
Ansökningsår: 1999
Huvudsökande: Berndt Gerhardson
Telefon: 018 - 67 16 00
Beviljade medel: 900 000 SEK


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1676

Växtnäringskretslopp till uthållig ölproduktion
Björn Vinnerås, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: JTI-20-83-489 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Just going to the bathroom is contributing to algae blooms and climate change. Sweden alone releases roughly 15400 tonnes of N and 240 tonnes of P into lakes, rivers and seas, through municipal wastewater (including after treatment). Urine contains 80% of the plant nutrients found in wastewater and …

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Kylning av golv till slaktgrisar - förbättrad djurvälfärd, hälsa, produktion och stallmiljö
Cecilia Lindahl, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Projektnummer: JTI-20-82-482 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Heat stress is expected to be of major concern in Swedish animal production systems in the future. The air temperatures in parts of Sweden are expected to correspond to today's temperatures in southern Europe, where livestock experience heat stress today. Excessive thermal load affects the welfare …

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Amerikansk vapenfluga larver som fodermedel i äggproduktion – med fokus på miljöberikning och alternativ proteinkälla.
Fernanda Tahamtani, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: JTI-20-82-485 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Poultry have a strong motivation for foraging and spend most of the day pecking and searching for food. In commercial conditions, the birds are fed a pellet diet, which is consumed very quickly. Consequently, hens spend a large part of the day engaging in abnormal non-food related pecking …

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Fluglarvskompostering för hållbart omhändertagande av organiska restströmmar från växthusodling
Cecilia Lalander, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: JTI-20-83-497 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

This application aims at finding a solution to a problem that exists in greenhouse production. Greenhouses have long been considered to be closed systems with no leakage to the surrounding environment. However, it has been shown that plant protection products (PPP) are found in the environment …

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Vallbaserade produkter för enkelmagade djur – ett steg närmare kommersialisering!
Carina Gunnarsson, RISE Jordbruk och livsmedel

Projektnummer: JTI-20-82-491 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

This project is about refining grass to meet a demand for proteins for, above all, organic poultry production and an expected increased demand for soy-free feed solutions for monogastric animals. Forage-based products also improve the economic preconditions to increase the proportion of grass in …

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Växtnäringseffekt hos nya gödselprodukter - Metodutveckling för kvalitetssäkring
Åsa Myrbeck, RISE, Jordbruk och Livsmedel

Projektnummer: JTI-20-83-494 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

For sustainable future development, it is essential to recirculate plant nutrients from different parts of society,
especially sewage plants, back to arable land. The aim of the proposed project is to ensure that high-quality fertiliser
products attractive for agricultural use are produced from …

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Metan- och lustgasemissioner från fjäderfägödsellager
Kristina Mjöfors, RISE- Research Institutes of Sweden

Projektnummer: JTI-20-82-483 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

The purpose of the project is to produce reliable emission factors for storage of poultry manure regarding methane and nitrous oxide emissions.

This project will focus on methane and nitrous oxide emissions from laying hens and the project is a supplement to an FoU project funded by the Swedish …

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Förbättrad ekonomi på biogasanläggningar och i gödselhantering genom fler nationella standardmetoder för hygienisering
Petter Melin, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB

Projektnummer: JTI-20-83-495 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

According to applicable legislation, manure and digestate must be sanitized in order to prevent disease transmission before they may be merchandised on the open market. Swedish plants currently have the choice between using one of two standard methods (70 °C for 1 h, or 52 °C for 10 h), or carry …

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Jordbruksbaserat bioraffinaderi - kombination av lokal och regional skala
Johanna Lund

Projektnummer: O-20-22-476 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Energy and biomass

The raw material potential in Swedish agriculture needs to be utilized more efficiently to produce sustainable biofuels and thereby increase security of supply and reach the goals of reducing emissions from the transport sector by 2030. Aim of the project is examine how farms can adapt and …

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Vägen mot klimatneutral och miljösmart nöt-och lammproduktion- uppdaterade miljöavtryck och kvantifierade förbättringsåtgärder
Serina Ahlgren

Projektnummer: O-20-23-473 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020


The carbon footprint for ruminants is high compared to other food products of animal origin but grazing animals such
as beef and lamb have other positive effects on the environment such as increased biodiversity and carbon
sequestration. Beef- and lamb producers need clear guidelines on how to …

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