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En ny innovativt hållbar IPM-strategi för effektiv kontroll av bladlus i fruktodlingar

Status: Pågående
Projektnummer: R-18-25-016
Kategori: Strategic program | IPM / Horticulture
Ansökningsår: 2018
Datum för slutrapport: 14 januari 2023
Huvudsökande: Marco Tasin
Organisation: Sveriges Lantbrukuniversitet
Telefon: 040-415320
Medsökande: Markus Kelderer
Medsökande: Gunda Thöming
Beviljade medel: 2 387 791 SEK

Neonikotinoida insekticiders användning i jordbruket diskuteras på europeisk nivå på grund av deras toxiska bieffekt på nyttodjur. Alternativ behöver utvecklas för att ge effektiv och hållbar kontroll av ekonomiska viktiga skadedjur som bladlöss. I detta projekt kommer ett IPM-verktyg utvecklas för att förbättra biologisk bekämpning av bladlöss i svenska fruktodlingar. Vi kommer identifiera ämnen som utsöndras av äpple- och körsbärsträd vid en bladlus attack och inkorporerar dessa i en biologiskt nedbrytbar pasta i syfte att locka nyttodjur (predator-Locka). Vi kommer också att formulera en annan nedbrytbar pasta som innehåller socker och proteiner för att distrahera myror från bladlössen i träden (myr-Stop). De två optimerade nedbrytbara formuleringarna appliceras samtidigt (Stop & Locka) på träd med målet att maximera biologisk bekämpning av bladlöss. Kunskapen som erhållits genom denna studie kommer att bilda en bas för att öka effekten av biologisk bekämpning i ytterligare grödor.

The use in horticulture of neonicotinoid insecticides is under debate at the European level due to their toxic side effects on natural enemies and pollinators. Alternatives need to be developed to provide efficient and sustainable control of economic important pest such as aphids. In this project we will set-up an IPM tool to enhance the biological control of aphids in fruit crops in Sweden. We will identify herbivory induced plant volatiles released upon aphid attack by apple and cherry and incorporate them in a biodegradable paste to pull beneficials to fruit trees (Predator-Pull). We will also formulate sugars and proteins within another biodegradable paste to divert ants from attending aphids on trees (Ant-Stop). The two optimized biodegradable pastes will be applied simultaneously (Stop&Pull) on trees with the aim to maximize aphid biocontrol. The knowledge acquired through this study will form a base to increase the efficacy of biological control in a number of additional crops.


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1722

Filtermaterialets påverkan på underhållsbehov, vattenkvalitet och skörd vid täckdikning
Eva Edin, Hushållningssällskapet HS Konsult AB

Projektnummer: JTI-21-83-606 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2021

The overall purpose of the project is to generate a base for recommendations for construction of new subsurface drainage and re-drainage of clay soils in the area Water - resource efficient management. Efficient drainage of arable land is important to increase crop production, to achieve …

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FeNomen: Fertilitet hos nasjonale norske hesteraser.
Ingrid H Holmøy, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Veterinary Faculty

Projektnummer: R-21-47-575 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2021

Decreasing population sizes and risk of accumulation of inbreeding is a challenge for the national Norwegian horse breeds; the Dole, the Fjord and the Nordland/Lyngen. The average breed-specific reduction in covered mares is between 37% and 45%, when comparing the years 2000 to 2009 to the years …

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Växtnäringseffekt hos nya gödselprodukter - Metodutveckling för kvalitetssäkring
Åsa Myrbeck, RISE, Jordbruk och Livsmedel

Projektnummer: JTI-20-83-494 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

For sustainable future development, it is essential to recirculate plant nutrients from different parts of society,
especially sewage plants, back to arable land. The aim of the proposed project is to ensure that high-quality fertiliser
products attractive for agricultural use are produced from …

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Nya rotsjukdomar i korn och vete- okända hot mot svensk spannmålsodling
Lars Persson

Projektnummer: O-20-20-472 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Crop production

Cereal production is limited by many different factors. Leaf diseases are often well known, while diseases on roots are more difficult to identify. Root diseases are often caused by oomycetes, fungus-like microorganisms that live for years in soil and on old root debris, parasitizing the roots of …

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Strategier för välmående kor i lönsamma företag
Helena Hansson

Projektnummer: O-18-21-152 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2018


This project aims at investigating the relationship between animal health and fertility, productivity in terms of milk yield and the economic outcome of dairy farms, and to investigate the conditions under which farms can succeed in combining profitability with high animal health standards.
There …

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Går det att höja vallskördarna med enstaka bevattningsgivor - vad händer med kvaliteten?
Ingrid Wesström

Projektnummer: O-19-20-316 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

Crop production

Climate change has brought about changing conditions for agriculture. In recent years precipitation deficit during the growing season has led to a shortage of forage in Sweden. During dry years, irrigation is necessary to achieve optimal yields. In addition, irrigation can bring about positive …

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Diagnos av parasitsjukdomar hos hästar med hjälp av mikrofluidik och mobiltelefonbaserad mikroskopi
Jonas Tegenfeldt, Lunds Universitet

Projektnummer: H-19-47-493 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

All horses grazing freely are at risk of parasitic diseases. Due to a growing problem with drug resistance in parasites, there is a need to improve the diagnostic methods. One important problem with today's situation is that one diagnostic procedure costs significantly more than one treatment, both …

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Integrerad användning av genetisk resistens i Svensk matpotatisproduktion
Erik Andreasson, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: R-19-25-282 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

Potato cultivars that are resistant to late blight and at the same time having acceptable other traits, have started to emerge. However, little of this material is used in Sweden and no organized and comparative table potato trials are done. Biological products against skin-finish diseases are …

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Utsädesbehandling med ThermoSeed i kombination med mikroorganismer - en framtid utan kemisk betning
Mariann Wikström, Agro Plantarum AB

Projektnummer: R-19-25-287 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2019

The purpose of this project is to develop new non-chemical methods for control of different seedborne-and soilborne pathogens. Aerated steam treatment (ThermoSeed) is a modern and environmentally friendly method for seedborne pathogen sanitation, mainly used on cereals. We intend to develop the …

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Från hav till mule - alger minskar metanemissioner från mjölkkor
Rebecca Danielsson

Projektnummer: O-20-23-461 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020


The purpose of this project is to investigate to what extent substances in algae inhibit microbial methane formation in cows. Several substances, so-called bioactive substances, in red, green and brown algae, have a significant methane reducing effect. These are promising results but in order to …

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