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Mjölkfettsyror - verktyg för att hitta kor med ökad risk för ämnesomsättningssjukdomar och reproduktionsstörningar

Status: Pågående
Projektnummer: O-19-20-306
Kategori: Focus area | Food & feed
Branschområden: Milk
Ansökningsår: 2019
Datum för slutrapport: 30 juni 2023
Huvudsökande: Kjell Holtenius
Organisation: Kjell Holtenius
Telefon: 018671629
Beviljade medel: 1 780 000 SEK

The overall objective of this project is to create milk biomarkers based on specific milk fatty acids for identification of cows with reproductive disorders and metabolic disturbances. Milk will be analysed by Fourier-transform mid-infrared technology. An important value of this project for the dairy farmers is that the milk analyses required for decisions will be readily available for advisors and farmers, as all cows in Swedish official milk recording system are already sampled monthly. There is great potential in so far unutilized data, especially in MFA which both have such a high concentration in the milk that they can be analyzed with a high accuracy and reflect the metabolism of individual cows. The goal is that all dairy farmers who are part of the SOMRS should be given the means to be able to take appropriate measures, at the individual, group and herd level, to facilitate sustainable milk production.

Det övergripande målet med projektet är att skapa biomarkörer baserade på specifika fettsyror i mjölk (MFA) för att kunna identifiera kor med reproduktionsstörningar och ämnesomsättningsproblem. Mjölk analyseras med Fourier-transform mid-infrared technology. Det finns en stor potential i hittills outnyttjade data från de månatliga provmjölkningarna. Vissa MFA har en så hög koncentration i mjölken att de kan analyseras med god säkerhet och dessutom återspeglar de metabolismen hos korna. Målet är att alla mjölkproducenter som ingår i kokontrollen får tillgång till dessa biomarkörer i form av MFA-profiler och att de att de erbjuds tolkningsverktyg så att de vidta lämpliga åtgärder på individ-, grupp- och besättningsnivå vilka bidrar till en hållbar mjölkproduktion.


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1712

Golvunderlagets inverkan på kornas gång
Hans von Wachenfelt, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet - SLU

Projektnummer: V1430018 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 juni 2021

A primary reason for unhealthy legs and claws are unsuitable floor properties in dairy houses,
which may result in slippery floors and slip injuries to cows and mastitis.
The hygiene of a floor surface and floor properties affect the cow claw/floor interaction and gait.
The aim is to determine an …

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Filtreringsmetoder för utvinning av växtproteiner avsedda för morgondagens produktion av livsmedel
Marilyn Rayner

Projektnummer: O-17-20-982 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 juni 2021


We are facing a protein shift in which a portion of the animal based protein in our diet needs to be replaced by plant proteins to reduce the climate impact from the food sector. Many agricultural by-streams contain high value proteins not used to their full potential. We aim to recover proteins …

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Skörd2.0 – Utvinning av nya biomaterial genom förädling av restprodukter från jordbruk
Per-Olof Syrén

Projektnummer: O-17-22-943 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 juni 2021

Energi & biomassa

The main purpose of this interdisciplinary project is to generate renewable advanced materials from biomass through green technologies. Harvest2.0 focuses on valorizing furans extracted from agricultural by-products in combination with polymer technologies based on incorporation of the climate gas …

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Karaktärisering av luftvägsjukdom hos häst med hjälp av transkriptomanalys i enskilda celler: en pilotstudie
Amanda Raine, Uppsala University

Projektnummer: H-19-47-475 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 juni 2021

Respiratory conditions is a growing issue in the equine industry and for horse welfare. Equine asthma is characterised by airway obstruction, chronic intermittent cough and mucus accumulation an impact the quality of life for affected horses. Similar to its human equivalent, equine asthma is a …

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Overgangen fra vinterfôring til vårbeite - Metabolsk respons relatert til fôr og helse hos hest
Rasmus Bovbjerg Jensen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Projektnummer: H-19-47-484 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 juni 2021

The transition from winter-feeding to pasture involves a considerable diet change that might compromise the health of horses. Diseases like colic as well as insulin dysregulation and pasture associated laminitis are related to diet changes and pasture intake. However, little information exist on …

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Stallbackskulturer i cyberrymden
Susanna Hedenborg, Malmö högskola

Projektnummer: H-17-47-290 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 29 juni 2021

The purpose of the project is to analyse stable cultures in cyberspace in Sweden and Norway. In recent years, questions about the welfare of horses have been debated in social media and norms for horse-keeping are created on Internet. In this project, these norms are conceptualised as stable …

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Förbättrad lönsamhet i veteproduktionen genom förbättrad kvävestrategi
Karin Hamnér

Projektnummer: O-16-20-761 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 1 juni 2021


Using split fertilization of nitrogen (N) in wheat production is today well-established to increase protein content and adjust fertilization. However, deep knowledge and understanding of N uptake and remobilization during late stages of crop development are missing. Moreover, while split …

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Molekylära verktyg för detektion av mag- och tarmparasiter och läkemedelsresistens hos får
Lars Johan Höglund

Projektnummer: O-16-20-742 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 27 maj 2021


The project aims to develop and evaluate molecular tests for the detection of gastrointestinal parasites in sheep and their resistance status to anthelmintics. The genetic markers will then be tested in two major sheep flocks to provide an evidence base for a monitoring program that, ultimately, …

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Blodtilførselen til vekstbrusken i glideleddene, med relevans for utviklingssykdommer og spatt
Kristin Olstad, Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet

Projektnummer: H-16-47-192 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 april 2021

The current project has a basic science and a clinical relevance part. The main project aim is to describe the blood supply to the growth cartilage of the small tarsal bones in young Icelandic Horses. Similar studies of the blood supply to long bones that ossify from three separate centers have …

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Hest i trafikk
Eva Brustad Dalland, Nord universitet

Projektnummer: H-17-47-302 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 29 april 2021

Horse in traffic is a qualitative case study that aims to provide knowledge about interactions between horse, horse users and modern road traffic, and which type of measures might be needed to improve road safety. Providing knowledge about typical events and situations for equestrians and horse …

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