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Lantbruks- och trädgårdsföretagarnas egen forskningsstiftelse finansierar behovsdriven forskning för svenska förhållanden.
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Unghönsuppfödning i Sverige- effekt av beläggningsgrad och inhysningsform

Status: Avslutat
Projektnummer: 0337003
Ansökningsår: 2003
Huvudsökande: Ragnar Tauson
Organisation: SLU
Telefon: 018 - 67 45 18
Beviljade medel: 698 000 SEK


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1676

Bete i ett norrländskt perspektiv
Margareta Emanuelson, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: R-20-62-325 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

This project is connected to an already funded grazing application from Norway intending to evaluate methane production from dairy cows in different grazing systems. We aim to evaluate further some important aspects of grazing in northern Sweden. We plan to use some sensory techniques to analyse …

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Jordbruksbaserat bioraffinaderi - kombination av lokal och regional skala
Johanna Lund

Projektnummer: O-20-22-476 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Energy and biomass

The raw material potential in Swedish agriculture needs to be utilized more efficiently to produce sustainable biofuels and thereby increase security of supply and reach the goals of reducing emissions from the transport sector by 2030. Aim of the project is examine how farms can adapt and …

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Mjölkproteiners betydelse för icke-koagulerande mjölk
Maria Glantz

Projektnummer: O-20-20-444 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020


The ability of milk to coagulate is crucial for cheese production. We have previously shown high occurrence of non-coagulating milk from Swedish Red Dairy cattle and identified milk proteins as potential markers for this undesirable trait. In this project we will increase the understanding of the …

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Vägen mot klimatneutral och miljösmart nöt-och lammproduktion- uppdaterade miljöavtryck och kvantifierade förbättringsåtgärder
Serina Ahlgren

Projektnummer: O-20-23-473 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020


The carbon footprint for ruminants is high compared to other food products of animal origin but grazing animals such
as beef and lamb have other positive effects on the environment such as increased biodiversity and carbon
sequestration. Beef- and lamb producers need clear guidelines on how to …

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Inför ändrad lagstiftning - avvänjning av grisar utan zinkoxid kräver nya strategier
Per Wallgren

Projektnummer: O-20-20-445 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020


Zinkoxid (ZnO) in feed prevents post weaning diarrhoea (PWD) and mortality in weaned piglets but, for environmental reasons, ZnO will be banned in the EU in 2022 despite that there remain herds that are dependent on the use of ZnO (or antibiotics) at weaning.

By metagenomic analysis (sequencing …

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Ryttarkänsla i praktiken - hur man undervisar ryttare
Anna Byström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Projektnummer: H-20-47-567 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Instructing riders is a complex task because the riding teacher needs to pay attention to both the horse and the rider. This is particularly challenging in the riding school situation. The aim of this project is to investigate riding teachers’ instructions of aids and their timing. The study will …

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Anatomisk besrkivelse av den nevro-sentrale synchondrosen: strukturen som kan forklare cervical vertebral stenotisk myelopati ("wobbler") på unge hester
Kristin Olstad, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Projektnummer: H-20-47-553 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

Young horses can develop cervical vertebral stenotic myelopathy and ataxia, known as "wobbler syndrome" and associated with loss of breeding value, reduced athletic potential and euthanasia. Some wobblers have osteochondrosis of their vertebral facet joints, but it is now known how this relates to …

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Förbättrad rengöring och desinfektion på köttanläggningar - minskad spridning av livsmedelsförstörande, patogena och antibiotikaresistenta bakterier
Sofia Boqvist

Projektnummer: O-20-20-447 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020


Cleaning and disinfection are critical elements for meat premises when it comes to production of safe food of high quality. It is the responsibility of the meat premises to ensure this is done efficiently to keep levels of pathogenic, spoilage and antimicrobial resistant bacteria low. This can be …

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Möjlig formulering av ett vaccin mot Strongylus vulgaris
Caroline Fossum, SLU

Projektnummer: H-20-47-568 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

The proposed project aims to continue research for development of a vaccine protective against the pathogenic equine parasite Strongylus vulgaris. The ongoing work to establish appropriate in vitro models to screen the effect of candidate vaccine antigens/adjuvants will be continued. Cytokine …

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Läkemedelsresistenta spolmaskar - nya metoder för kontroll och övervakning av resistenta parasiter
Eva Tydén, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Projektnummer: H-20-47-556 • Status: Pågående • Ansökningsår: 2020

The alarming development of triple resistant Parascaris spp. is an increasing threat to foal health and the equine industry, due to the risk of increasing veterinary costs and loss of foals. A continued development of triple resistant roundworms in Sweden would be devastating for foals and …

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