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Lantbruks- och trädgårdsföretagarnas egen forskningsstiftelse finansierar behovsdriven forskning för svenska förhållanden.
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Utveckling av generella och operativa produktionsfunktioner i korn

Status: Avslutat
Projektnummer: 0355020
Kategori: Research program | Crop production
Ansökningsår: 2005
Datum för slutrapport: 14 augusti 2006
Huvudsökande: Lennart Mattsson
Organisation: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, SLU
Telefon: 018-671256
Beviljade medel: 250 000 SEK


Antal träffar i projektbanken: 1676

Genomisk selektion mot icke-koagulerande mjölk
Maria Glantz,

Projektnummer: O-15-20-274 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 13 december 2018


The ability of milk to coagulate is crucial for cheese production. We have previously shown that 31% of milk from SR cows has problem to coagulate: 13% is poorly coagulating and as much as 18% is non-coagulating, which are alarming high figures. The problem with non-coagulating milk at national …

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Kamp mot tramp - funkar bra i början men hur länge?
Eva Salomon,

Projektnummer: O-15-20-321 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 13 december 2018


Grazing systems for dairy cattle has the potential to be resource efficient for the farmer. However, increasing herd size can cause increasing problems with trampling damages on soil leading to claw problems and dirty udder, which costs working time for cleaning and risk of deteriorated animal …

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Digitalt hjälpmedel för att identifiera och lokalisera bladmögel i ekologisk potatisodling
Lisa Germundsson, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: R-17-20-002 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 22 november 2018

One of the most difficult disease problems to handle in organic farming is potato late blight. Late blight is a very aggressive disease and an established infestation can result in interrupted cultivation. This means greatly reduced or even completely lost harvest. Because chemical control is not …

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Förbättrad kryoöverlevnad hos hingstspermier avsedda för artificiell insemination
Jane Morrell Darby, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Projektnummer: H-14-47-008 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 7 november 2018

It is still not possible to freeze all stallion ejaculates successfully and post-thaw sperm survival is short. The differences in cryosurvival among stallion ejaculates with similar pre-freeze sperm quality could be due to variations in seminal plasma. The objectives of this project are to …

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Electrical Weed Destroyer (EWD) – ny teknik för mekanisk ogräskontroll
Lars Andersson

Projektnummer: O-16-23-776 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 5 november 2018


In this one-year project we plan to test the effect of an existing equipment, based on electrostatics, on both annual and perennial weeds. The aim is to evaluate the potential for using the equipment in commercial agricultural and horticultural production. Results will be used as a base for …

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Underlag för nya kaliumrekommendationer till svensk potatisproduktion
Helene Larsson Jönsson, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, SLU

Projektnummer: H1342093 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 5 november 2018

The aim of this research proposal is to support well-founded potassium recommendations for Swedish table potatoes. The main issue today is that the recommendations are based on a few old experiments which were carried out with old management practices. There is a general practice among Swedish …

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Appliceringsteknik med fokus på biologiska växtskyddsmedel
Klara Löfkvist, Institutet för jordbruks- och miljöteknik JTI

Projektnummer: H1356063 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 15 oktober 2018

A crucial factor for the success of plant protection is the application of plant protection product in the right place. This is particularly important for the biological plant protection products as they are usually contact acting. The project aims to find solutions for application technology to …

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Smågrisdödlighet- en parallell jämförelse mellan två boxsystem i kombination med optimala skötselrutiner
Anne-Charlotte Olsson, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, SLU

Projektnummer: V1450008 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 1 oktober 2018

Piglet mortality in Swedish pig herds is too high and if the sow should be completely loose or fixed a short time in connection with farrowing, is an important issue.
However, to perform internationally publishable studies of piglet mortality, parallel studies in the same herd, are required. These …

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Sykdomskontroll og forbedret dyrevelferd ved hjelp av genetiske markører: En pilotstudie av osteochondrose og Birkelandfraktur hos hest
Gunnar Klemetsdal, Universitetet for miljø og biovitenskap (UMB)

Projektnummer: H1247154 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 30 september 2018

The project aims to verify our current findings of QTLs with effect on osteochondrosis and Birkelandfracture in the Standarbred trotter. The project triples the sizes of the groups in the genome-wise association studies. The project will serve a basis for international involvement, either to …

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Inhysningens betydelse för hästvälfärd, arbete, säkerhet och pedagogik på svenska ridskolor
Jenny Yngvesson, SLU

Projektnummer: H-15-47-078 • Status: Avslutat • Datum för slutrapport: 28 september 2018

This three year project will investigate how ridinschools choose and ethically motivate their choices of horse housing system. The project will compare two groups of riding schools - group A with loose housing and group B with traditional housing, concerning horse welfare and working environment. …

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